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A New Initiative For Education

I am one of the so-called "Greatest Generation" [a soubriquet that is undeserved-
we bought into the Dr. Spock philosophy and many became "friends" of our children
instead of the parents they so sorely needed.]
At the end of WW2, The Congress was so fearful of the impact that we returning GI's
would have on the existing work force that they created the GI Bill of Rights to
stall off our re-entering the job market. It amounted to a "bribe".
We were offered $26.00 dollars a week for 52 weeks for doing nothing.
We could also attend college for free. Many of us opted for the latter and with degrees
in the hands of so many who would never had visited higher education,
entered the job place in totally new arenas than we might have.
This profoundly changed our nation's economy and path.
This was nothing like what The Congress had expected.

I am proposing that it is time for a new effort in the vogue of the old G.I. Bill.

Schools are in disarray. Discipline is a quaint word from the past,
and anarchy is imposed upon classes by the unruly.
Parents have abdicated their responsibilities, and have sent their
kids off to be baby sat. Illiterates are permitted to "graduate".

Since money seems to "talk" the loudest, I propose that our nation offer
financial rewards to the parents of children who actually learn
something from school. Parents should then become more involved.
I would think that they would encourage "Johnny" to provide them with a paycheck,
and be upset with him if they learned that he wasn't participating to his fullest,
or being disruptive, and depriving them of cash.

If this were to be implemented, there would be risks of abuse
(just as there were with the "old" G.I. Bill),
but the end result far out-weighed the negatives.

It again amounts to a "bribe", but if it returned parents to parenting,
and students to learning, I am sure that we could put a better "spin" on the wording.

Bill Woodall

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