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Heated Arguments

It may well be true that the earth is getting warmer. It has happened before. Greenland was aptly named when the Vikings settled there in the 12th and 13th centuries. Then a cooling period descended that resulted in its current ice cap. There has been little postulated about the atmospheric polluting effects of the Celts and Saxons etal that may have caused the earlier warm-up. When they do, scientists will probably blame it on their smoky peat fires.
Of course that predated our discovery of the word "greenhouse" and its deadly gasses.
"Green-house gasses" and "greenhouse effect" The way those terms are thrown about makes it sound like it would be dangerous to live near a greenhouse.
Suppose the door were left open too long and that bad stuff escaped in one's direction.
Has anyone ever heard an explanation as to why these terms have arisen?
The fact that you haven't, speaks volumes of an arrogant dishonesty.
At one time, scientists had speculated that since water vapor and carbon dioxide treat infra-red energy in a fashion similar to glass, solar heat trapped by those gasses was probably why green-houses heated up. They even thought that it might be possible to remove the glass and with the right combination of gasses, keep the plants warm. Fortunately for "science", this was never tried. Testing proved that the glass was necessary to prevent convection. Convection would disperse any heat that had been acquired. Even with the knowledge that it describes a failed proposition it continues in the vernacular. Earth has no glass globe surrounding it, but since no one is objecting, this catchy phrase is thrown around as if were a proven scientific principle.
The carbon dioxide molecule is heavier than air. Watch the track of the visible carbon dioxide vapor as it sublimes from dry ice--- note the way the contents of carbon dioxide fire-extinguishers behave when they are discharged. By what mechanism could CO2 transport itself to the stratosphere and keep itself there?
Water vapor, if heated, is buoyant in air and will rise and cool until the condensation temperature is reached and a cloud forms.
Clouds shield the sun's rays somewhat and may reflect and refract some back to space. The effect is cooling below them. This was the big scientific bugaboo in the 1970's-we were going to freeze and starve to death in the cold and dark-the by-product of human activities.
Even knowing that it couldn't work on earth, scientists Sagan, de Berg, and Raasol were allowed to coin the phrase "runaway green-house effect". This was their shot at "explaining" the measured and totally unexpected heat of Venus. It is over 890 degrees F and is hottest at its north-pole. Like earth, it also lacks a glass globe outboard of its atmosphere, but this is still the "scientific" explanation for the 'molten lead' temperature of Venus.

It is surprising that the scientific community hasn't suggested to Oscar winner Al Gore that he remove all of the fiberglass insulation from his mansion and substitute balloons filled with damp carbon dioxide gas. His house should then spontaneously heat up to such an extent that he could eliminate his furnace and further reduce those "green house" gasses. He would then have a really "green" house.
Unlike those scientists with their feet on a desk though, he'd actually be performing an experiment.
What then of predictive computer programs involving "greenhouse gasses? They are no more accurate than was the premise upon which they are based. If a fundamental assumption is wrong, the computer will not be able to make any corrections. It merely expands upon what the programmer thought. The term GIGO describes this problem. "Garbage in garbage out".

Bill Woodall

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