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Beginner's Luck

Would be my introduction, to Navy flight, Stage "C",
Where aerobatics would be taught to the graduates of "B"--
The wind was not a factor, on this lovely morn' in May,
We climbed those extra thousand feet-- where it'd be safe to "play".
He showed me how to do a loop---watch the sky and earth go-round,
Was then my turn to try my hand at this blend of sight and sound.
I dived and got the proper speed, and pulled us up and through,
Kept that constant shove on the seat pack chute as we arched up in the blue;
Kept the wings aligned to the misty line where the earth and sky are one,
Saw the green of the ground swing past the nose as our climb again begun.
A jarring jolt of something---now scared me to the core!
My startled look in the mirror, brought a laugh before he swore.
"Your loop was better than mine was", was what he had to say,
"You flew us through our own prop-wash--- 'it stays on a windless day'".

Bill Woodall

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