Triplane Builder

Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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Blue Angels

In diamonds they fly in their "Blue Angel Blues",
Arching and rolling on high-
As one-- they maneuver-breathtakingly close-
Flash past-- in the blink of an eye.

The solos fill in as the "fours" leave the scene-
Give chills with feats all their own-
Their head on near-misses--inverted formations-
As thrilling as anything flown!

The colorful smokes released 'gainst the sky-
(An aid to us on the ground)-
As thousands of feet are used in their zooms-
Helps ground-pounders watch them turn round.

The fleur-de-lis that caps off the show-
Keeps ones heart in one's mouth to the last-
Explosion of color as the diving begins-
They race toward the center--and past-

Just inches apart (in dimensions-three)-
Each on his own different track-
Join up for landing in the shortest of times-
In a diamond--they bring themselves back.

This all started out in the Grumman F6-
Migrated to jets when they came--
Stayed abreast of the types in use by the fleet-
Aviator perfection---the same.

Bill Woodall

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