Triplane Builder

Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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We've become accustomed-- to pronouncements ringing clear,
Exact ages for the universe-- and its bodies far and near.
We've heard just how the moon was made and the workings of the sun,
How comet heads do outgas as they make their solar run.

How the moon and Mars were cratered and why Venus is so hot,
And why Saturn's rings are wrinkled-- and why Jupiter's are not.
How distances are measured-"the Dop-pler" technique;
(If light resembles sonics--- and the prism is no freak).

But all these mighty statements are based upon ONE plan
All use calculations springing mostly from ONE man.
The works of Isaac Newton are for these the Holy Grail--
If Isaac didn't get things right-much is doomed to fail

For Isaac lived some time ago, and we've learned a bit since then,
Knew not of electricity-why electrons seem to spin.
And it really is a wonder that with all these things we've found-
Science disregards them--still worships Newton's ground.

When so many new discoveries refute what "science"had predicted -
Where's the scientific purity for theories so convicted?
Instead we see "stacks of cards"-- ad hoc ideas flow,
Never do we hear those words--that honest-- "I don't know".

From the Romans we get "scio" which to them DID say "I know",
And for some it comes out "science"-(it's the only way to go)-
But when premises aren't challenged what they "know" may not be right-
And truths--when swept beneath the rug-- surely someday'll come to light.

The vision of the heavens won't change for us at all,
Should "facts" we've learned about them come to take some fatal fall.
Phlogiston has paved the way-- for "Black Holes" and the "neutron stars"--
The "Big Bang" will have been a "thud" when we REALLY fathom Mars!

Bill Woodall

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