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To some-the "Dakota" to some "DC-3"--to others t'was just "Gooney Bird"-
And "Cee Forty Seven" gets lots of attention from those that don't have the "word".
But ones in the "know" in the really "big show" had a far better name, you will see-
It spoke of designer-and many things finer-they called it the "Arr four DEE".

The "R" meant a "transport", and "four" of designs---that "D"-- Douglas had shown-
And Navy acceptance had used of their products before this-the 4th one was flown.
No "nick-names" here-no "numericals" "drear-where lineage is all left to rote-
The old Navy "system" spelled it all out--- the "dash numbers" even got note.

These "birds" did their paces in many far places as the war demands upon them-
The ones we praise here-with homage and cheer-The Naval Air Transport Sys-tem.
The dash number legend told of the changes --- with the airplane's usage and date-
The numbers they used left no one confused-and the final one ended with "eight".

When you hear droning from two engines "round"--- a tapering wing back behind-
Wheels that "pull-up" in staggered formation-speed-of a most modest kind-
Don't be too sure that your "first blush ID"---got all of the details right-
It might very well be-- that what you did see--a former R4D---in flight!.

Bill Woodall

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