Triplane Builder

Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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Man possesses wanderlust
(Horizons tend to bore)--
Wonders what's past (the one he has known)--
Would he could open that 'door--

But few it was-- that ventured afar--
Had the wealth to follow dreams--
Though sail and steam showed some the way;
Multitudes still lacked the means.

Dunlop came-and from him the tyre,
And man started his move-
First came the "bike" and then came the car---
Wheels-- followed the farm wagon's groove.

Man felt humbled while watching the bird-
Envied the span of its view-
Awed by the the effortless soar of its flight-
How it had mastered the "blue"

Will and Orv' took note of this state--
(Plying the cyclist trade)-
Equated the bird to riding a 'bike-
And a leap toward truth was then made!

Twisted a box that once held a 'tube'-
(Kept air in a cyclist's tire)-
Saw this mimic the wing of a bird-
(Like hawks circling higher and higher).

With kite and glider--experiments made-
Determined what really was true-
Rejected what was found to be false-
Built new on what they now knew.

With courage-they tested the fruits of their work ,
Were not afraid of the breeze--
Braved storms and sand flies that bite,
"Typical men?"- not these!

Step by step they leaped over their field-
Keeping their goal in sight---
Making each part that once they had lacked-
Coin tosses--for the first to try flight.

The horizon now-- is flung out so far,
Man travels where it is-- that he wills-
Cultures have melded in so many ways-
And flying's lost most of its thrills.

But looking back-- those one hundred years-
Their program-- didn't take long-
Of those men of Dayton--it now can be said--
"Two Wrights- did NOT make a wrong!"

Bill Woodall

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