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English is a language with words a bit bizarre,
And what about their origins--- are they new or from afar?
And many words are short and gruff-emotion seem to lack-
Are these Anglo-Saxon-before the days of tact?
Would like to know much more about-- the word we know as "sump".
It seems to mean "the lowest place" where other things may clump.
And be it water, oil or gas--- we encourage it to flow.
We need for it-(what it was that clumped)-for somewhere else to go!
There's a thriving business-[designing pumps and such]-
To move the stuff that filled the sump and "thank you very much".
Without that trusty pumping there'd be turmoil in our days-
No engine lubrication- no fuel injector sprays-
Water in the basement--it would follow every rain,
The mold and damp and mildew-[only allergies would gain].
But pumps are made by mortal man, and all are doomed to fail,
And the timing set for their demise-a bit beyond the pale.
We quote "the law of Murphy" and all believe it's true,
'The time and mode of each collapse-- a bolt right from the blue".
So if it is that you depend-- your sump be always purged-
Consider this advice from me-consider you are urged!
Keep a back-up pump on hand--- for whatever it's to do-
For if you needed one at all-you'll need ANOTHER too!
These monosyllabic words that glibly leave the tongue,
Are less than appetizing-(on their petard be they hung)
Like "dump" and "rump" and "jump" and "hump"-images occur,
"Lump" and "bump" and "trump" and "frump"-- associations, stir.
But when you've cleaned up what accrued from a failure of the PUMP--
The one you trusted like a friend -the one that pumped the SUMP-
No longer, now you lack in guile-you've-established flow.
Resolved a watchful eye be kept-its status you will know!
But all these things I've said 'til now are based on "faith"-- you see-
"Faith" that if your bills be paid-"there be 'lectricity!"
But stormy nights can fell the lines, and everything go black-
If some back-up watts-you lack-you're back-ups really lack!

Too late it is for that advice- with 'military' sound-
When planning to erect a home-"take the highest ground".

Bill Woodall

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