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Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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Originally crafted by Grumman--
(With an "F" at the end of its name)---
Would be a national savior -
Low level attacking-its game.

But the Navy had need of more fighters,
(Grumman had made the F six)-
So General Motors (hence came the "M"),
Was melded into the mix.

Though most of the bombers game out of G.M.-
(That's how it happened to play)-
Most of the time-- its old name stuck-
Was a "Grumman Avenger" they'd say.

Regardless-- its birthing site-
Did what it was sculpted to do-
Planting torpedoes or dropping its bombs---
Enemies felt where it flew.

Big and tall with aft folding wings-
With a turret atop near the stern-
A gun did jut from a belly site-
(Enemies slowly would learn).

It did lack grace in the transiting space-
As its gear was seeking its nest-
The wheels swung out from their inboard stance-
To bays in the wings where they rest.

The flight of another-to some came to mind-
As this gear retraction occurred-
The one most used-- that "November" kind-
They called it the "Turkey" bird.

Aviators who flew in this type-
Have every right to be proud-
Took skill and heart to do what they did-
Low and slow and loud!

Bill Woodall

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