Triplane Builder

Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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Always get some ribbing 'bout the plane I choose to fly,
From those who haven't got a clue and are not about to try,
And question why the nose of mine is pointed in the air,
When theirs sits on the level-(not upon its derriere).

But should I ever do a swap with a man from the other clan-
(He master mine while I learn his -the essence of the plan).
He'll find he's starting over in learning what to do,
I find there's little to it, though the taxiing is new.

I'll fight the trend to steer the plane as if it were a car-
He'll find steering with his feet--- puts mind and shoes at war.
My take-off now so easy as I track the centerline-
He's concerned about direction for at first he sort of blind.

I feel the airplane wants to fly--the wings begin to lift-
He's got to mind his "P's" and "Q's"-(as the c.g does it's shift)
When both are in the pattern there's no difference found at all,
But when they're both on final-that's when demons come to call

If the wind be angled, and causes both to slide,
Each will make corrections in the attitude of glide,
But when the time is ready for to make the airplane flare,
The new one to the tailwheel will likely feel some scare.

For he needs to cancel drift-- ere the tires begin their spin,
And tap dance on the rudder lest some sluing might begin,
He'll not have all this knowledge on this first time he alights,
And he'll marvel at the antics-his instructor-how he fights.

But me aboard the nose gear will see how sloppy-- is OK,
So what if drift's not cancelled?-(the airplane knows the way)
I only have to steer it straight, and bind down on the brakes,
And hit the nearest exit ramp-it's easy-no great shakes!

But the neophyte to the tail wheel is very far from through,
He's really starting over on the things he thought he knew,
Should he finish out the course (in eight hours-he just might)
He'll be a better pilot 'cause he's learned to do things right!

Bill Woodall

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