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Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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The Thrill Of Flight

A task that's been tried by so many---
To express in crisp soaring word--
The feelings one has when leaving this earth---
(Invading the realm of the bird).

The freedom of motion in limitless space-
The beauty of sun-drenching cloud---
Sensation of being at one with machine-
The "god-like" vistas endowed.

Satisfaction that comes with the knowledge,
You've been vetted to join the elite---
Fly wherever your means will allow-
Where sky and horizon do meet.

Sensation of mind-cleansing power,
That climbing to height can give birth-
The shrinking of all things--by scaling-
This soaring--high over the earth.

The throbbing jar of the engine-
The feeling of wind on one's cheek-
The pressure of "g's" on the seat pack-
The whistling of wires as they speak.

The protesting yelp from the tires-
As you cause them to spin up to speed-
The precision you felt from your landing-
That returned you to earth in your need.

The thoughts in these words that I've written-
Were minted deep down from within-
But suffer like all of their brethren-
Too shallow for what we intend.

Bill Woodall

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