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Twisting In The Wind

When you know you're promised nothing ,
and its nothing that you get,
It may not cause elation,
but it shouldn't cause regret.
Just wake up every morning.Be the best that you can be,
And hide all thoughts of pity where no one else can see.

When sunsets light has faded
and the night lights start to glow,
And the oil furnace's throbbing
'gainst the icy winds that blow.
It's time for some reflections on the passing of the day.
A time to make some judgements on what has come your way.

It's so easy to get caught up
in the thoughts about your plight.
How you have no one to talk to;
how lonesome is the night.
How the television's laughter
is so canned and meaningless,
As it blares out for the helper
who is keeping down your stress.

But the day was not a total loss;
some chores were really done.
Ate out with some buddies;
bought some stuff while on the run.
Played the 'Good Samaritan'
to a stranger stuck in snow;
Tried some timely up-lifts
to my wife who feels so low.

For though your life is not the one you planned;
There is maybe someone near you who sinks deeper in his sand.
Count your many blessings;
rue the failures that you had;
Promise better effort;
work to fix up what was bad.

If you've heard the word Alzheimer's;
heard that "memory goes away";
Not until you've lived beside it, will you know what "hell's to pay".
See the shrinking of the person;
hear the skills of language fail;
Watch the loss of most things human;
feel the rage that these entail.

When the speech has turned to babble,
and you think her brain is 'rot;
It's then that she'll floor you with a very cogent thought.
And the thing that has sustained you;
(it's the hope she doesn't know),
Comes crashing down around you;
she knows! She wants "to go".

So regardless of the season;
regardless of the 'clime,
The old saw still suffices-
"it's one day at a time".
And words you vowed long ago,
'bout sickness and in health'.
Didn't really give you options as to how you'll spend your wealth.

When you waken after midnight, and sleep escapes your try;
And the terrors come to haunt you, and time forgets to fly;
Try to put yourself in her place,
and think of all she's lost.
You have to keep on striving just to balance out that cost.

Bill Woodall

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