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Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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Eleven score (and a few years more) is young in the span of time--
Compared to Empires across the seas, we've yet to reach our prime.
This nation's youth is felt uncouth by some no longer great-
And our ideals are felt not real-and reason to spiel hate.

But we've had this clan of fighting man that's been here from the start-
Ones who stepped to fight our fights and esprit de corps impart.
From those who wore the tricorn hat and marched to drum and fife-
Or fought on wooden sailing ships-- to start this nation's life.

Down to those--who know the snows-- of Afghanistan's tall peaks-
Or feel the heat of the middle East where religious rancor reeks-
Ready to do their nation's will-regardless of the cost-
Show to all that they stand tall-as they mourn those they have lost.

Know the doubts of inner-self-(would their buddies they let down)?-
Where each relies-- that each other guy --protects some fought-for ground.
Know not how to express oneself-- to those who were not there-
Sleepless nights might be the rite-since one knows one cannot share.

We've had this band of citizens that no detractor can ignore-
They've been there every time-- and place-we've chose to go war.
Ones who think while at the brink--and know what they must do,
When leader-ship has lost its grip-still can follow through.

Eventually they are mustered out-return to mundane ways-
Become our neighbors, or friends at work-community main-stays-
But what they've seen and what they've done remains within them yet-
Their service to our country's need earned the right to be named "VET".

In war and peace been blessed with these-who protected hearth and home-
For God and country-- did these tasks-in the air--on land--and foam-
So pay them homage--not just today-but all days of the year-
Women and men-- for all of us-helped keep what we hold dear.

Bill Woodall

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