Triplane Builder

Poems by Triplane Builder - William (Bill) Woodall

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We have all been taught about some sights-- so known the world around,
They rate the little "wonders"-- in intrinsic awe abound.
Most are from some former time, and some were made by man,
Until YOUR eyes have feasted though-- can't truly understand.
The printed page has made attempts, and this will makes its try,
But none have done them justice-- what is needed is the eye.
Niagra gives one warning-- the eternal background roar,
But the vastness of its plunging makes ones very spirit soar!
Arizona's canyon gives no sign that it is there--
Until one walks up to its brim-- then one can only stare!
The hugeness of its sculpture and the brilliance of the rock,
How trivial seems its river-- and works of man does mock.
The California coast range has its treasure in the sky--
Stands of Sequoia red woods raise their canopies on high,
The knowledge that these living things have stared through aeons past,
Makes very small our niche of time-- and question-- will we last?
The pyramids of Egypt seem to grow up from the sand,
But given close inpsection-- can't begin to understand,
How anybody could-- who had yet to find the wheel,
Accomplish what these stones imply-- and carved them without steel!
Or behold the Taj Mahal-- 'gainst Agra's azure sky,
And feel the neck hairs raise themselves-- indeed not wonder why.
No one has to tell you that this tomb, has made the list,
It's snowy-white dome and parapets, all by themselves-- insist!

These are the ones that I beheld, and though there're many more,
I venture auras each would bring-- would greet me at their door.
For they touch an in-born button with such a sense of place,
They mark the unity of man-- define the human race.
It's a pity since we share these traits (and on these things agree),
Don't find more things we truly share-- and live more peaceably.

Bill Woodall

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